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Kim Fonder's artwork is created with organic paints and pigments and is focused on modern forms. 


Oro 1

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Oro 1


Mixed Media on Burlap

80" x 80" x 2.5"

Oro I juxtaposes gold and silver, bringing you a unique piece that has both visual interest and a statement to make about the nature of simplicity. When many people think about simplicity, the word is analogous to “boring” or “tired.” This piece demonstrated just how interesting and fresh simplicity can be. The off center square of gold on the silver background seems to put the emphasis on the gold. Each color is beautifully blended, drawing out different shades and playing off of the texture of the underlying burlap. From far away, the colors might appear to be solid, but as you draw closer to the piece, you begin to see the varying textures and shades within the colors. Oro I is mixed media on burlap, 80" x 80" x 2.5", and can be purchased for $9700.

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