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Kim Fonder's artwork is created with organic paints and pigments and is focused on modern forms. 


Is It Rorschach

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Is It Rorschach


Mixed Media on Burlap

80" x 80" x 2.5"

This isn’t just any Rorschach test. While it does mirror the same symmetrical design of one, the gray on gray palette brings subtle intrigue to the work. The darker edges of the symmetrical shape in the center of the burlap set it off, drawing the eye to it, while the subtle blending of colors within the shape and in the darker surrounding provide visual interest that keeps the viewer looking. Because each side is not a perfect mirror, the viewer finds himself looking for the differences and comparing the right to the left, as well as the edges of the line down the middle of the image. Created with mixed media on burlap, this piece is 80" x 80" x 2.5" and sells for $9700.

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