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Kim Fonder's artwork is created with organic paints and pigments and is focused on modern forms. 


Ciele Grigi E Blu Delle Nuvole

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Ciele Grigi E Blu Delle Nuvole


Mixed Media on Canvas

60 x 72in

A collection of delicate, light grays, this piece is something special. The name translations to “gray skies and blue clouds,” and this is definitely reflected in the gentle swoop of the dark grays and the more subtle blending of the lighter grays. The heavier hand in the top two thirds of the painting evokes a storm cloud, roiling in a darkening sky, ready to give up and rain. The name evokes a reversal of the norm, and this piece embodies that. Gray is not the brightest color, but there is still something commanding about this piece. It draws the eye and provides the viewer with a sense of calm.

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