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Kim Fonder's artwork is created with organic paints and pigments and is focused on modern forms. 


Bianca I

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Bianca I


Mixed Media on Burlap

80" x 80" x 2.5"

This pieces uses subtle color and shape to draw the viewer in and encourage them to keep on looking. Comprised of mixed media on burlap, Bianca I, uses only white, gray, and silver to make its statement. With a darker gray background, set against the white shape on top, the entire piece is cut through with bright splashes of silver. Though subtle, the longer the viewer observes this piece, the more intricacies they will be able to find. Comprised of mixed media on burlap, this piece is 80" x 80" x 2.5". Thought monochromatic, it dominates its space, engaging the viewer with its unique shapes and shading.

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